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Major Craft Skyroad Wind

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Major Craft
832MW , 832MΗW
€ 199,00

Majorcraft Skyroad Wind

To fully underastand what the "Wind” technique is all about we accessed the Blog of Writer and Photographer Henry Gilbey. We are quoting parts of his report…

"Initially I thought it was "wind” as in "gust”, but it’s actually "wind’ as in turn the reel handle. Check the video out below and you will see that it seems to be about relatively fast jigging with soft plastics and I think also various metals, and I see no reason why stuff like this would not work for say bass and pollack in the right kind of areas."

This Skyroad Wind Custom is rated as having a Regular/Fast action, but remember, fast is not stiff, which also comes from the the rod being rated around that 7-21g mark.

The length and action means that I can move the rod very quickly in the cast and feel that my lures are going pretty much where I want, and with that fast, very steely/crisp action, it just feels like an absolute wand in my hands. It just feels precise, indeed I can’t think of a better word for this Skyroad Wind Custom.

The rod itself weighs so little it’s almost ridiculous, and aside from me ideally wanting the butt to be an inch or so shorter, the actual handle configuration is pretty much perfect. The guides are very small up by the tip, but since that knot just never catches in any guides I have come across, I have given up worrying about the size of rod guides. Put a small reel around the 2500 size on the rod and you’ve got a gloriously balanced setup.

The Major Craft Skyroad Wind is a precision tool to use when you’re scaling back say for calm to medium conditions, quiet bays, closer quarters estuary work, night stuff etc. - fishing soft plastics rigged weedless/weightless for example, this rod feels born to it.

Product Code




PE Line


2.53 m

Regular Fast


0.6 - 1.5


2.53 m

Regular Fast


0.8 - 2.0

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